KiiltoClean is a nominee for Finland’s Most Active Workplace 2018

There is strong belief at Kiilto that the wellbeing of the personnel positively impacts both how pleasant it is to work with us and the company’s bottom line. One of Kiilto’s key operating principles is “The Customer is King”, and we want our personnel to serve our customers in a positive and energetic way, and to enjoy their work.

Aiming to activate the personnel to keep healthy and fit

At Kiilto, we’ve been working systematically and determinedly for decades already to promote both wellbeing at work and physical activities for the personnel. Tiina Niemi, Executive Assistant who coordinates the practical implementations considers continuous development to be important: “According to a report published by the UKK Institute in April 2018, the cost for society of low physical activity and poor physical shape is high – and rising. One important objective of promoting physical activity among Kiilto personnel is to do our bit to curb this trend. We want our personnel to do enough physical activity to stay healthy, which supports their well-being both at work and on leisure.”

Kiilto promotes employees’ physical activity in many ways. The wide range of personal exercise possibilities for the personnel gives the personnel both the joy of exercise and the chance to socialise with colleagues. Some members of staff serve as “physical activators”, who are trained to share information on training opportunities and activities among their working community and to encourage their colleagues to take part.

Finland’s Most Active Workplace to be announced at the Finnish Sports Gala in January

Finland’s Most Active Workplace 2018 will be chosen from three finalists at the Finnish Sports Gala in Helsinki on 17 January 2019. The two other candidates KiiltoClean Oy is up against are Nokia Corporation and the Insurance Centre.

The reasons for KiiltoClean’s nomination include the following: “KiiltoClean has a strong tradition of promoting physical activity and supporting its personnel with physical exercise. The company’s physical activity programme has been upgraded over the years to accommodate changes taking place in work and day-to-day living. Well-trained physical activators, a broad range of physical exercise activities and systematic voluntary fitness testing for almost 200 employees have significantly increased the amount of physical activity that the personnel do.”

“The nomination is fine recognition of the work we have done. And this work will continue, as the development of occupational wellbeing is a long-term effort. We can’t rest on our laurels, because there’s always room for further development and new ideas. But we will be certain to enjoy our achievement if we get to lift the Uno trophy at the Finnish Sports Gala,” says Niemi.

Watch KiiltoClean’s nomination video on YouTube (in Finnish)