Kiilto Natura products made from biodegradable raw materials

The products of Kiilto’s new range are made of plant-based, i.e. renewable and biodegradable raw materials. You recognize the Plant based cleaning products from the Natura label.

Kiilto Natura is a responsible choice. It is a high quality product line for professionals manufactured from plant based materials. The raw materials used in the Natura line are from renewable sources and are quickly biodegradable. The Kiilto Natura series is born from a natural cycle without unnecessary load to the environment. Kiilto Natura is a step towards the detergents of the future.


We at Kiilto want to be leaders in environmental matters. We are continuously developing and testing new product formulas that are made 100% from fully renewable materials. Kiilto Natura products are clearly identifiable by the
green logo.

Kiilto’s professional cleaning products have carried the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for a long time and a natural continuation of products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are the Natura products. As a pioneer in Finland, Kiilto has also recently developed a recycled plastic bottle for professional cleaning products. The idea is originated from a desire to offer not only eco-labelled products, but also a more nature-friendly packaging choice for customers.

“When we are launching a recycled plastic bottle onto the market, it seems natural to offer Kiilto’s Natura products in recycled plastic bottles first, so that we are clearly enabling more environmentally friendly choices. Kiilto’s Natura products have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the allergy label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, which indicate user-friendly and environmentally safe but still effective products”, tells Tiina Laurén, Solution Manager of Kiilto Professional Cleaning.

Check out our video about Kiilto Natura!

The raw materials used in products are responsibly produced. The raw materials of products and packaging have separate cycles.

Cycle of product raw materials, Biosphere

  1. Plants are used to make raw materials for the detergent.
  2. After use, the biomaterial contained by the detergent returns to the cycle.
  3. Biodegradability creates nutrients, carbon dioxide and water.
  4. Plants use nutrients and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

Cycle of packaging materials, Technosphere

  1. Plastic packaging is recycled after use.
  2. The packaging is melted down to plastic granules.
  3. The granules are used to make new packaging.