Kiilto joins in the celebration of the Baltic Sea Day: launches a photo challenge to make a donation for the sea

Baltic Sea Day, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation, is an annual event in honour of the sea. In addition to celebration, the purpose of Baltic Sea Day is to provide information on the sea’s diverse nature, culture and history.

Baltic Sea Day is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August with various events and activities. The aim is to inspire people to take concrete action for the good of the Baltic Sea and enjoy their own unique sea. Kiilto started collaboration with the John Nurminen Foundation at the beginning of 2021, and is now participating in the Baltic Sea Day for the first time with several activities. Almost all the countries Kiilto operates in are located by the Baltic Sea or its catchment area.

“The environment and its protection are part of the everyday life and culture at Kiilto. The idea of participating in Baltic Sea Day felt natural right away. Almost all of Kiilto’s operating countries are on the shores of the Baltic. Even though we share the concern about the condition of the sea, on Baltic Sea Day we want in particular to celebrate its uniqueness,” comments Kiilto’s Brand and Communications Director Eeva Solja

Taking part in our photo challenge equals donating!

Kiilto’s employees also want to inspire others who care for the sea and the environment to do good together. An easy way to contribute is by participating in Kiilto’s photo challenge. Each photo posted on social media with the tag #kiiltoforthebalticsea will increase Kiilto's donation made to the John Nurminen Foundation in addition to the annual support provided. The subject of the photo can be selected from three themes, and the channels for posting photos are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The challenge will start on 15 July and end on 28 August 2021, on the official day for celebrating Finnish nature.

1) Enjoy a Baltic Sea friendly menu

The Baltic Sea and many inland waters suffer from excessive nutrient input, which can be alleviated by eating healthy and environmentally friendly Baltic fish. We have created a delicious Baltic Sea friendly dish, Baltic Sea Tacos, in collaboration with chef Mikko Uosukainen. The Baltic Sea Day website offers many more tips for making Baltic-friendly choices. Prepare a tasty Baltic Sea dish with Kiilto’s recipe or create a dish of your own, take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #kiiltoforthebalticsea.

2) Take the plunge in the open water

The ecological condition of waterways often becomes painfully clear in the summer, when algae growth prevents swimming. On Baltic Sea Day, people are encouraged to take a dip in the sea or in the waters anywhere in Finland at 6 pm. You can of course also take to the water when it best suits you. Always remember to put safety first! You can take part in the photo challenge by jumping in or even just dipping a toe in the open water between 15 July and 28 August 2021 and posting a photo of it with the hashtag #kiiltoforthebalticsea.



 3) Pick up trash from nature

Regardless of whether it was thrown near the shore or inland, litter always eventually finds its way into the waterways. You can take part in Baltic Sea Day by picking up litter when out enjoying nature, on your way to or from work, or on a litter-picking mission with friends and colleagues. Post a litter picking-themed photo with the hashtag #kiiltoforthebalticsea. By the way, did you know you can borrow equipment for picking up litter from libraries in the Helsinki metropolitan area, for example?

Kiiltonians will also be on the move on Baltic Sea Day, with a litter-picking event organised with Origin by Ocean. We will also challenge other partners to participate.

More information about the photo challenge

For every photo entered in the photo challenge, Kiilto will donate 50 cents to the John Nurminen Foundation. Were aiming to collect a total of 5,000 euros for the protection of the Baltic Sea and its cultural heritage! Spread the word of the challenge, so that we'll achieve our goal and will get people taking action for the Baltic Sea!

More information on how to take part can be found on Kiilto's campaign page. The terms and conditions for the photo challenge are available here.

The Baltic Sea Day, launched and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August with various rallies and events. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important marine themes, and encourage people to take concrete action for the Baltic Sea. The event celebrates the versatility and immeasurable value of the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the celebration seeks to disseminate information on marine nature, culture, and history. In 2021 the Baltic Sea Day is celebrated on August 26th.