Kiilto for the Baltic Sea

Kiilto involved in work to save the Baltic Sea

Almost all of Kiilto’s operating countries border the Baltic Sea, which is currently in critical condition. Small and shallow, the Baltic Sea is highly sensitive to human activities and harmful substances. Today, 97% of the Baltic Sea is affected by eutrophication: one of Northern Europe’s biggest environmental problems.

That’s why we are committed to preserving one of the world’s youngest, but most polluted bodies of water – the Baltic Sea. For us, this starts with raising awareness and taking action because even small impacts have dramatic effects whether good or bad.

Committed environmental partnerships

Our cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation started in 2021 as an extension of Our Promise to the Environment. Since it was founded in 1992, the Foundation has completed over 30 environmental projects aimed at reducing nutrient runoff, marine litter and over-fishing.

However, restoring the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea not only requires continued support, but also international cooperation. In addition to the 220 partners of the John Nurminen Foundation, Kiilto is continually joining forces with other actors to prevent new damage to the Baltic Sea.

One example is Origin by Ocean, a Kiilto Ventures partner. This startup sees opportunity in the Baltic Sea eutrophication problem in creating bio-based raw materials from excessive algae. Kiilto and Origin by Ocean are teaming up to research how this refinement process can be used for everyday goods like cosmetics, detergents, and packaging materials.

The Baltic Sea Day

The Baltic Sea Day, initiated and coordinated by the John Nurminen Foundation, is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of August with various events and activities. The goal of the theme day is to highlight important maritime topics and inspire concrete actions for the benefit of the Baltic Sea. The day celebrates the diversity and immeasurable value of the sea. In addition to the celebration, the goal is to increase knowledge about the nature, culture and history of the sea. In 2022, Baltic Sea Day will be celebrated on August 25. www.itämeripäivä.fi

Our 2021 efforts – from beach clean up to social media challenge

According to the second HELCOM State of the Baltic Sea report, between 50 to 300 litter items are found for every hundred meters of Baltic Sea beaches. So last year, Kiiltonians in 5 of our countries picked up trash in and around these coastal region ‘hot spots.’ The most common items recovered were food and drink cups, caps and wrappers as well as cigarette butts.

But for those who could not lend a hand, a social media campaign was organized to raise greater awareness for Baltic Sea initiatives. Each image posted with #kiiltoforthebalticsea increased the amount of our donation to the John Nurminen Foundation on top of our yearly contribution.

There were three different themes to choose from and take a photo of:

  1. Enjoying a Baltic Sea friendly menu, at a restaurant or self-made
  2. Open water swimming
  3. Picking up trash from nature

Baltic Sea Day – 25 August 2022

Kiiltonians will again head to the shorelines of the Baltic Sea on the last Thursday of August this year. But this time we will try to better engage the local community, encouraging them to take part in our beach clean up activities.

We are also excited to share with you how select Kiiltonians enjoy the Baltic Sea through a water-based hobby or interest that improves their overall well-being through a series of photos, videos and words. Be sure to follow us on our corporate social media channels to learn more!

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