Kiilto HardPlan – Quick-drying special levelling compound for demanding conditions

Kiilto HardPlan, the solid choice of professionals, is a quick-drying special floor levelling compound for both outdoor and indoor use. Once compression-resistant and smooth, the surface can be painted, coated or left as such.

A smooth, hard surface for outdoor as well as indoor use

Kiilto HardPlan forms an extremely hard and smooth surface for both outdoor and indoor use. It is ideal for rooms and offices, private garages, covered terraces and balconies, warehouses, machine rooms, technical facilities and specific areas on stairwells.

The surface may be coated or left as such

Once compression-resistant, the floor-levelling compound can be covered with tiles or vinyl flooring, or coated with paint. Kiilto HardPlan can also be used as a finished surface indoors, if the surface will be subject to light wear only.

Quick to dry and easy to level

Kiilto HardPlan dries quickly, you can walk on it just one hour after laying. The self-levelling floor-levelling compound can be spread with a steel or serrated trowel. It can also be spread quickly by pumping it onto the surface. As a low-alkali product, Kiilto HardPlan protects adhesive and plastic coating from damage incurred by the alkali humidity of concrete.


  • rooms and offices
  • covered terraces and balconies
  • private garages
  • warehouses
  • technical facilities
  • air-conditioning rooms
  • specific areas of stairwells


  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • can be used without covering
  • quick-drying
  • fibre-reinforced
  • low-alkali

The versatile Kiilto HardPlan is part of an indoor air system.