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We spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, healthy constructions have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Kiilto develops and offers various indoor air solutions for construction.

Air tightness control

Professional products for sealing structures.

Kiilto Airblock Coat

Water-based, sprayable liquid sealant

Kiilto Airblock Fiber

Fibre reinforced and paste sealing agent

Kiilto A 215

A two-component, silyl modified, adhesive sealant

Prevention of hazardous substances

Products designed for professional use to prevent the entry of hazardous substances into indoor air.

Kiilto Block

Tight barrier for encapsulating hazardous compounds released from building materials into the indoor air.

Kiilto Hydrablock

A two-component, solvent-free and viscous barrier against release of dangerous substances to the indoor air from building materials.


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Kiilto Tiivistysratkaisut –guide


Low-alkali floor-levelling compounds

The high pH of the concrete, i.e. its alkalinity, together with excessive moisture, has been found to cause degradation of floor adhesives and plasticizers in the covering. As a result of the degradation process, alcohol emissions can be released into the indoor air. Studies have shown that a low-alkaline floor-levelling layer between the floor covering material and the concrete acts as a buffer against the alkaline stress caused by the concrete below.

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Analyses for customers

Kiilto provides fast and flexible analysis of asbestos and other harmful substances for its customers.

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