Kiilto cosmetic products contain no microplastics

Kiilto products are manufactured from as environmentally friendly raw materials as possible. Biodegradability and harmlessness to aquatic organisms in the wastewater treatment process in particular are key factors when selecting raw materials for Kiilto products.

“Kiilto products contain no microplastics, meaning particles that could be discharged into watercourses in the wastewater treatment process”, says Juha Issakainen, R&D chemist at Kiilto.

“Most of our cosmetic products designed for professional use have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.”

The list of ingredients is no indication of microplastics

The ingredients in cosmetic products are listed using the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). The media and social media have contained both correct and incorrect information about these ingredients. The list of ingredients does not directly indicate whether or not a product contains plastics.

Most polymers used in cosmetic and hygiene products are not plastics. Instead, they are used in the product, for example, in the form of liquids. For example, the word “polymer” in the list of ingredients does not automatically refer to solid plastics that cause pollution. Read more from the pages of the Cosmetics Europe.


Our cosmetic product ranges for consumers are ErisanAisti and Linna.