Kiilto and KiiltoClean awarded certificates for being Finland’s most active workplaces

KiiltoClean and Kiilto again participated in the Finland’s Most Active Workplace survey organised by the Finnish Olympic Committee, and earned excellent scores. The scores of both companies were at the highest level nationally: Kiilto Oy’s score was 95%, and KiiltoClean Oy’s was 94%.

Finland’s Most Active Workplace surveys are tools for assessing and developing physical activities offered to the personnel. It covers nine different areas of physical activity of the personnel in organisations. The certificate is awarded to organisations with a score of at least 50% of the maximum.

Small and even bigger steps for targeted development

The Kiilto Family Group has been conducting Finland’s Most Active Workplace surveys since 2009. This was the fifth such a survey was carried out at Kiilto, and the third at KiiltoClean. In accordance with the wellbeing at work programme, both companies conduct the survey every two years and aim to improve their scores each time. Kiilto’s starting score was 77% in 2009, and KiiltoClean’s score was 71% in 2013.

The feedback received from the Finland’s Most Active Workplace survey provides good suggestions for developing different aspects of physical activities for personnel. The Kiilto Family Group has taken systematic and determined measures to improve the physical activities it offers its staff on the basis of the survey results and feedback. The results have improved by leaps and bounds at KiiltoClean in particular. In four years, the score has went from 71% to 94%. In 2016, Kiilto Oy was chosen as Finland’s Most Active Workplace among the organisations participating in the survey.

Tiina Niemi, executive assistant to the Group CEO, coordinates the practical implementation of the physical activities and considers continuous development to be important. “Developing activities to promote wellbeing at work is a long-term effort. You cannot rest on your laurels – there’s always room for further development and you can always come up with new ideas and innovate to motivate more and more employees to join the activities. Staying active is the way to move things forward.”

Wellbeing at work is a win-win situation

Not only has the Group been ranked high by external parties in terms of the physical activities provided for the personnel, but the personnel themselves are happy with the activities as well. In the personnel survey, which is conducted annually, the activities promoting wellbeing at work have several times been ranked one of the things our company does best.

“Our extensive activities for promoting wellbeing at work come up regularly in discussions with potential new employees and with our partners. The personnel survey has revealed a correlation between the personnel’s sense of wellbeing at work and the quality of customer service they are prepared to provide. So we consider wellbeing at work a win-win situation for all parties concerned”, says Kiilto Family Group’s HR Director Antti Uski.