Kiilto Airblock – A tried and tested solution for demanding applications

Kiilto Airblock Coat and Airblock Fiber make leakage and radon management cost-effective. Modern, tape-free and one-component sealing can be optimised, based on the site in question. The end result is a tried and tested air leakage repair.

More cost-effective sealing repair

One-component Kiilto Airblock Coat and Airblock Fiber save time and money. They can be mixed easily at the building site without any special equipment. Sealing repair is easy to do by spraying, rolling or brushing. The sealing agents can be applied wet-on-wet, without having to wait for drying. Under normal conditions, the product is fully dry within 24 hours.

Versatile applications

Kiilto Airblock sealing solution is designed for leakage and radon management on wall and floor interfaces, and around window and door frames. Sprayable Kiilto Airblock Coat is suitable for large areas on walls, ceilings and beams. The paste-like, fibre-reinforced Kiilto Airblock Fiber, which also has excellent adhesive properties, is ideal for sealing structural connections and penetrations. 

Both of these modern sealing products can be used without priming on, for example, dry and dust-free concrete surfaces, painted and unpainted wood and gypsum board. After application, the surface can be smoothed, painted, or left as the final surface. 

Tested sealing excellence

Kiilto Airblock products are airtightness-tested and M1 and LEED-certified. The sealants are also free of solvents, which makes them more environmentally friendly. Kiilto Airblock Coat and Airblock Fiber can be used not only for regular air leakage sealing but also for special applications, such as wool fibre binding, radon diffusion management, and in some cases even for asbestos coating. 

Kiilto Airblock Coat may be applied by spraying twice, wet-on-wet.


  • wall and floor interfaces
  • around windows and doors
  • large areas of walls, ceilings and beams
  • sealing of structures
  • air leakage sealing
  • wool fibre binding
  • radon sealing
  • asbestos coating


  • one-component
  • tape-free
  • solvent-free
  • can be applied wet-on-wet
  • can be applied by spraying, rolling or brushing
  • does not require priming (most surfaces)
  • can be coated or painted on
  • can be left as the final surface
  • quick-drying

Professional products for indoor air renovation, Kiilto Airblock Coat and Airblock Fiber, are part of the indoor air system.
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