Disinfectants to combat coronavirus

The most common disinfectants are effective against coronaviruses. Cleanliness and good hygiene are key in preventing the virus from spreading. 

The coronavirus is a hot topic, as after its discovery in December 2019 in China, it has spread far, even to Europe. Many cases have still been reported in China but the number of reported cases has increased not only in mainland China but also in Iran, South Korea and northern parts of Italy. WHO has declared the new coronavirus an international public health threat.

Coronavirus 2019-cCoV causes respiratory issues, fevers and coughing. According to current information, the majority of patients have had mild symptoms but some have been seriously ill. By the end of February 3050 deaths have been reported which is approx. 3 % of those infected. These deaths have been people with weakened resistance or a chronic illness.

This recently discovered coronavirus is an enveloped RNA virus, and being a coronavirus, it is a member of the same family of viruses as SARS and MERS. Common disinfectants are effective against coronaviruses, examples of which are surface disinfectants Kiilto Easydes Spray, Kiilto Pluschlor, Kiilto Desichlor, Tevan Panox 200, and Nocospray. The product choice should be made based on the application.

In addition to surface disinfection, good hand hygiene has an important part in preventing the spread of the illness. The World Health Organisation recommends the use of hand disinfectants or washing hands regularly to stop the spread of the virus. Effective hand disinfectants against enveloped viruses, such as this coronavirus, include Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub, Käsidesi and Erisan Etasept. Erisan hand disinfectants have been designed for continued use, such as in healthcare, and they will not cause the hands to dry after repeated disinfection. In addition to good hand hygiene, the WHO recommends avoiding contact with infected persons as well as touching the face and eyes.

Of disinfectants used in healthcare, i.e. those with a CE label, Easydes, WipeClean AlcoFree and Erisan Oxy+ are demonstrably effective against coronaviruses. Erisan Oxy+ in particular is an effective manner to disinfect contaminated textiles, for example.

R&D manager
Virve Töyrylä

Updated 2.3.2020

Current information on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is available from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s website