Counterfeit goods are on the market — do not use

It has come to our attention that in Finland consumers have been sold a fake product for the benefit of charity. The name of the counterfeit product is reminiscent of Kiilto’s EASYDES disinfectant cleaner for surfaces, which is intended for professional use only.

Kiilto Oy, Lempäälä, is marked as the manufacturer of the counterfeit product, whose label claims that it can be used for “hygienic and surgical hand washing”. The product is not manufactured by Kiilto and should not be used under any circumstances!

If you observe similar counterfeit products, please inform our customer service at In unclear cases, our customer service will be delighted to answer and advise you on product safety issues.

How to identify a fake hygiene product?

Packaging: The state of emergency and higher demand for hygiene products require creative solutions from industry operators on issues such as product packaging sizes. However, all Kiilto product packaging has the appropriate information and a visual image in line with the Kiilto brand.

Place of sale: Kiilto’s products for professionals are only available for cleanliness and hygiene professionals; our consumer products are distributed by central distributors and companies. The counterfeits detected have been sold in the aisles of a grocery store, at least in the Heinola area in Finland.

Manufacturer and place of production: In Finland Kiilto’s professional hygiene or home cleaning products are not manufactured in Lempäälä, but in Turku or Hankasalmi. Their official manufacturer is KiiltoClean Oy. Kiilto Oy manufactures construction and industrial products.

Spelling: Spelling errors on the label text usually indicate a counterfeit product.

We apologise for the misuse of the Kiilto brand and any resulting inconvenience. We would like to stress that the counterfeit products should not be used, because no one can be sure of their composition or potential adverse effects. Kiilto will investigate the matter and make every effort to prevent similar abuses. 

See our newsroom and updated press release for information on Kiilto’s actions during the corona pandemic.