Companies interested in safety and well-being at work in Kiilto

Kiilto’s asset is motivated, talented, productive people. Business guests want to know what makes Kiilto a good, safe workplace.

Finland’s most active workplace 2016. Finland’s 15th most inspiring workplace 2017. Kiilto’s results in personnel surveys are much better than those of other Finnish companies. Kiilto has been noted for its success in indicators measuring the well-being of personnel. Business guests who want to invest in safety and well-being at work often visit Kiilto’s business premises in Lempäälä. Kiilto’s personnel are happy to share their competence.

“As hosts, we are not just a giving party. We learn something from every guest, and we are constantly developing our policies”, says HR Director Antti Uski.

According to EHS Manager Jyrki Tiihonen,especially matters concerning safety at work are intended to be shared with others. “The impacts of an accident on a chemical operator are reflected throughout the industry.”

A mobile application for safety observations

Participation and employees’ self-initiative are emphasised in safety at work in Kiilto. Employees are using a mobile application, by means of which they can report any safety observation to their supervisors. Production supervisors deal with the observations weekly. Last year, an employee-based safety team rerouted access to the warehouse, which minimised encounters between forklift trucks and pedestrians.

The work of the safety team showed positively in the number of sick leaves and occupational accidents.

“Near misses are now under control. The number and seriousness of accidents has decreased considerably from last year”, Jyrki Tiihonen says.

A fitness-oriented workplace

The way Kiilto increases the motivation of its employees to be physically active aroused interest among representatives from Mölnlycke’s plant in Mikkeli, who visited Lempäälä in November. Mölnlycke is a global leader in the manufacture of disposable products for operating rooms and wound care.

“We could also use fitness activators in Mikkeli for activating physically less active employees and reducing musculoskeletal disorders”, says HR Manager Hanna-Leena Hone.

Fitness activators are physically active employees from Kiilto who encourage their colleagues to join in Kiilto’s fitness sessions and campaigns.

Supervisor Janne Räsänen from Mölnlycke became enthusiastic about the bicycle ergometer test that Kiilto’s occupational healthcare department arranges for the employees every year. The employees participating in the test receive a voucher for attending fitness pastimes and cultural events.

“The fitness test is a positive opportunity, and forward-looking employees wishing to improve their physical condition also perceive it like that”, Räsänen says.

According to Antti Uski, especially people working in expert duties are grateful for the opportunity for the test.

“Underlying illnesses may be revealed in the fitness test earlier than in occupational health examinations conducted very five years”.

Year of development-oriented piloting coming up

Kiilto’s systematic well-being at work programme covers physical exercise, the role of capability, safety of the work community, and also measures to develop management and competence. The company has invested in renewing personnel competence and setting up a piloting culture.

”In 2018, our group will reach a milestone for 500 piloting projects intended for renewing our operating policies”, says Antti Uski.