Avoid quality risks! Use titration to determine if a detergent solution will affect the end product

Washing and cleaning are an important part of manufacturing high-quality metal industry products. A careful wash of metal parts ensures that possible further treatments can be performed successfully as desired. The quality of the end product may vary if sufficient attention is not paid to the careful dosage of detergents.

Varying concentrations of a detergent solution can cause a quality risk when detergents are diluted manually, in other words without automatic dosing equipment. An overly large dosage may leave washing chemicals on surfaces and if the dosage is too small, surfaces may not become clean. Different residues and impurities cause problems during further treatment and thus affect the quality of the end product.

Titration is part of easy quality assurance

Through titration you can determine if the concentration of a detergent solution is correct. The Kiilto titration kit contains everything you need for a quick and easy titration of detergent solutions used in the metal industry. Watch the video to see how titration is done using the equipment in the kit:

First, measure a precise amount of the detergent solution as a sample. Add a few drops of the indicator to the sample. This will change the colour of the sample. Then gradually add small amounts of the titrant to the sample and observe how much of the titrant is used. The titrant will have neutralised the sample once the indicator colour has disappeared. During titration, you should make sure not to add any more titrant than is needed. Once you have figured out the exact amount of the sample and the amount of titrant used, you can quickly determine the concentration of the detergent solution using the titration coefficients provided with the kit.

It is enough to perform the titration procedure 1-2 times per week or as needed. When titrations are done regularly, it is easy to avoid problems caused by incorrect dosing of a detergent solution. By integrating the results into the quality assurance systems, you can monitor and even prevent deviations related to the concentration of detergent solutions.

Automatic dosing equipment helps you avoid risks caused by manual dilution and speeds up the wash-related work phases. The water-powered Dosatron pump ensures that dosing always remains at the correct level.

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Watch the video: