A sustainable shift in labelling

A sustainable shift in labelling

We’re committed to making more eco-conscious choices regarding our product packaging. Our Promise to the Environment outlines our dedication to environmentally sound practices in our product packaging. This includes our objectives to increase the use of recycled or renewable materials for packaging and decrease the amount of materials used in general.

In addition to these initiatives, we’re committed to finding solutions towards more efficient recycling of product packaging.

Starting in the autumn of 2023, we’re taking a step towards more eco-conscious packaging for our professional hygiene products, as we gradually phase out the use of multi-layer labels.

To maintain our high standards for user safety, we conducted extensive research to select labels that are not only able to convey essential information but also adhere securely to the packaging, ensuring that users always have access to the necessary details when using Kiilto products.

So, instead of the multilayer labels we will opt for a single layer label crafted from the same material as the bottle or canister itself. This shift ensures effortless and responsible recycling of the packaging.

In our pursuit of sustainable practices, we are also influenced by the criteria set forth by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which steer us towards more easily recyclable packaging as well. With this in mind, we have begun the label change with Kiilto Pro products that proudly bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

You can expect a new, simpler label in products such as Kiilto Pro Sointu Spa, Kiilto Pro C4 Max, Kiilto Pro Kasperi and Kiilto Pro Sartek 2 – to mention a few.