A good sales representative can view the world through the eyes of the customer

Regional Manager Marko Suominen of Kiilto’s Construction business area has a strong handshake and a contagious smile. The sales professional knows how to ask questions and listen, and there is no sense of urgency even though his calendar is already beeping a reminder of his next meeting.

“Building partnerships, meeting people and succeeding together – those are the main reasons why I enjoy this work,” Suominen says with a smile.

Goal: customer success

The best moments of Suominen’s job are connected to interactions where his expertise enables him to help the customer succeed.

“On a practical level, the work is often about empathy and sympathy with different customer groups and partners. My work in the customer interface requires a lot of building industry expertise but also people skills and the willingness to learn new things,” Suominen says.

Building lasting partnerships

Suominen has been allowed to adjust his job description as a Regional Manager at Kiilto according to his own preferences and skills. For example, giving customer training sessions has been a pleasant and natural way for him to build closer customer relationships. This has led him to host dozens of training sessions for various customer groups each year.

Productive sales work requires an entrepreneurial approach and a long-term view. Kiilto is not after quick cash but instead aims to build lasting partnerships in a responsible way.

The same long-term view is also reflected in Kiilto’s relationship with its personnel. For Suominen, the stable employment has brought permanence and a feeling that employees are valued. An active sportsman, Suominen is also grateful for the company’s investment in supporting occupational well-being.

“Working for a responsible company is something that I can also proudly communicate to customers,” says Suominen.