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Prefabricated Element and Transport Industry

A wide range of sealing materials and polyurethane adhesives is used in the construction of ships and boats, articulated lorries and other vehicle parts, and the sandwich panel industry. Highly diverse materials are glued together after various surface treatments. Sealing materials must be able to withstand highly varying conditions. Thanks to our long experience, we can offer a range of tests for the prefabricated element and transport industries.

Environmental testing

Items that have been glued are subjected to a climate chamber stress test, involving varying humidities and temperatures. The items are checked before and after the stress testing. The entire test takes two weeks to complete.

The conditions and weather cycles in the chamber can be changed according to the customer’s needs, as can the duration depending on the customer’s applications.
Sandwich structures may also be subject to what is known as a cooking test, in which they are cooked and dried, and then re-tested.

Strength measurements

  • Tensile shear strength stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium and other surface-treated metals DIN EN 1465, tensile strength DIN 53504 and elongation DIN 53504
  • Wedge test according to standard EN 14509
  • T-peel measurements EN ISO 11339
  • Bead–Peel measurements DIN 54457