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Prima Effect

Cleaning Cloth

Extremely absorbent, lint-free and durable cleaning cloth for all hard surfaces. Efficient removal of dust, dirt and moisture due to its design. Wash with e.g. Serto Green liquid or powder textile wash detergent, no fabric softener or bleaching agents. Colour coded: blue, red.


For cleaning of all hard surfaces

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code



1 x 10 pcs 38192   6412606110856 blue
1 x 10 pcs 38191   6412606110849 red
Package Size
Product Code 38192
GTIN 6412606110856
Colour blue
Package Size
Product Code 38191
GTIN 6412606110849
Colour red

Net weight, package

0,23 kg

Size, cloth

35 x 40 cm


80 % viscose 20 % binding agent

Instructions for use

Washing temperatures: + 60-95 °C