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Lavette Super

Cleaning Cloth

Absorbent and durable multi purpose cleaning cloth for professional kitchens, hotels, restaurants and other similar facilities. Unique open structure of the cloth ensures effective removal of dirt and absorbing of oils and other liquids. Quick drying time makes sure of the proper hygiene of the cloth and prevents formation of odors.


For cleaning of surfaces in kitchens, restaurants and other similar facilities

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


1 x 10 pcs 38055   8710505996518
Package Size
Product Code 38055
GTIN 8710505996518



Wash temperature

90 °C (min. 25 times)

Cloths, package

10 pcs

Size, cloth

51x36 cm

Net weight, package

0,142 kg

Foodstuff compatible

Yes (FCC)