Vario-Matic foaming unit
Foaming device

Vario-Matic foaming unit is an excellent piece of equipment to ease and quicken the distribution of cleaning detergent in facilities where washing with water is possible. The unit connects to water supply network with a connector hose equipped with Nito quick connector. 1,25 liters of tank volume is filled with cleaning detergent concentrate, after which the detergent is spread as foam onto the surfaces about to be washed. Form of a foam allows to take the time factor and distribution speed into account.

Adjusting the dosage is simple and does not require the user to be in direct contact with the detergent since any separate dosing pins are not needed. Red adjustment wheel on the top of the unit selects the desired dosage, and it can be changed whenever necessary. There are four different dosages to choose from: 1.5 %, 2.5 %, 5.0 % and 10 %.

The detergent tank design is wide and flat from the bottom and allows the unit to stay in a vertical position especially when the tank is filled.

Standard equipment includes a adjustable wash nozzle to bring variety into the washing phase.

Rinse all parts of the unit carefully after each use to improve its durability and life cycle.




For distribution of detergent in e.g. professional kitchens, food industry, swimming halls, sauna and bath areas

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 1 pcs 4062351 7611034020211
1,25 l
Size (W/L/H)
150/430/220 mm
Net weight
0,8 kg
Water connection
DN15 Nito
Operating pressure
1,5 - 6 bar
Operating temperature
+ 5-30 °C
Flow rate, max.
12 l/min
Environment and safety

Every surface that comes into contact with the detergent is chemical durable plastic. Nevertheless, it is recommended to rinse out the foaming unit with clean water after use. Do not store strong chemicals in the detergent tank in between uses.

Fan shaped foam nozzle
Hand valve complete