Secretion removal kit

Ready-to-use kit for secretion removal from all surfaces. Sales unit box contains two identical sets, which both have all the necessary equipment. Quick and easy to take into use anywhere and by anyone!

When necessary, the user can include e.g. protective gloves, apron and trash bags into the set later.




For secretion removal

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN Size
1 x 2 pcs 38000 6417964380002 32,5 x 26,5 x 28 cm
Net weight, set
3,02 kg
Net weight, sales unit
6,3 kg
Tevan Panox 200 disinfectant
1 x 1 l
1 x 500 ml
1 x 12 l
Lid for bucket
1 pc
Prima multipurpose cloth, 35 pcs/package
1 x 35 pcs
Vikan scraper, 102 mm
2 pcs
Secretion removal instructions, FI/SE
1 pc