RTV RED, silicone
Glue Mass

An elastic, neutral cure one-component silicone rubber sealant. Flexible, high UV radiation and weather resistance. Good adhesion on hard surfaces, such as metal, glass, tile and anodised aluminium.

Special features

  • Silicone rubber sealant without acetum
  • The elasticity permits a maximum of 25 % movement
  • It resists momentarily high temperature
  • good adhere to hard surfaces

RTV silicone is an elastic one-component silicone rubber sealant with a neutral cure.
Well-suited for sealing various pieces, such as lids and blocks. Flexible, allows movement of up to 25 per cent. Temperature resistance -40...+250 °C with transient temperatures up to 300 °C. The product has high UV radiation and weather resistance. Good adhesion on hard surfaces, including metal, glass, tile and anodised aluminium.




For demanding sealing in industrial, maintenance and workshop applications where high temperature resistance is desired.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
12 x 200 ml 39475 6412600394757

Protect from sunlight and do not exposure to temperatures exceeding + 50°C.

Instructions for use

Remove grease and dirt from surfaces. Spread RTV Red onto dry surface and make sure that the volume is enough to seal the gap. If necessary use the extension nozzle. After using leave 5 mm silicon on the nozzle. Before reusing remove the dried cap.
Density DIN 53217 1,26 g/cm3
Schrinking EN 27390 < 2 mm Top layer dry Approx. 15 min +20°C / 50 % air humidity Penetration 180 + 30 1/10 mm Elasticity 25 % Become hard approx. 3 mm in first 24 h +20°C / 50 % air humidity Pull breaking strength. 100 % pull 0,45 N/mm² Shore hardness, Shore A approx. 35 Working temperature +5°C - +40°C Temperature range -40°C - +250°C Momentarily +300°C Color Red Storage time 12 months