Hygiene Test

Hygiene test for determining the hydrogen-peroxide’s effectiveness of Nocospray disinfectant unit.




Dry steaming based on hydrogen-peroxide is an effective way to disinfect closed areas, even on the spore level. Suitable locations include rooms, working spaces, ambulances etc.

Disnfection method is recommended to be used after cleaning. In special circumstances, such as if the purpose of the method is to prevent exposure of the staff, the hydrogen-peroxide can be used as a pre-emptive measure before cleaning.

The colour change in the hygiene test indicates the spreading of the dry steam in the area where the method is used.

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1 x 100 pcs 8079
Instructions for use

Nocotest hygiene test: Before starting the procedure with Nocospray, moisten the individual test slips with water and set them in locations, where the disinfecting seems to be most difficult to accomplish. The colour on the slip changes when a sufficient amount of hydrogen-peroxide has come into contact with them. One package contains 100 individual test slips.