Meta R
Solvent Detergent

An aliphatic solvent cleaner for removing oily and greasy dirt.

Special features

  • Aliphatic slow evaporating solvent
  • Very effective grease remover

Clear, water-insoluble, nearly odourless and slowly vaporising hydrocarbon mix. A powerful degreasant. Leaves behind an anti-corrosion film on the clean surface.




For removing oil and grease in industrial and workshop environments. Also suitable as an additive for stamping metal.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 200 l 423319 6417964480856
Instructions for use

Surface cleaning: Spread Meta R with low pressure sprayer onto the surface, let it take affect 1-3 minutes. If needed brushing helps. Rinse with water preferably with pressure washer.
Fill the basin with Meta R and dip the parts. You can boost the cleanig by brushing the parts. Rinse with water preferably with pressure washer.

Environment and safety

Volatile organic compaund