META 100
Strongly Acidic Detergent

Strongly acidic saline-based washing agent for cleaning and removal of acid soluble deposits.

Special features

  • Fast-acting
  • A hydrochloric acid based washing agent.

Efficient rust- and mill scale remover. Suitable for removing hardened concrete when product is undiluted. The product is corrosive to metals. Water-soluble, Yellowish liquid with a sharp smell.




A hydrochloric acid based washing agent suitable for the removal of e.g. rust, mill scale, limestone, limestone deposits, concrete splashes, concrete glue, ferric sulphate and algae.


Product pH: 0.5
Solution pH: 1

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 l 423075 6417964481549
Instructions for use

Spread Meta 100 with a spray, sponge or a corresponding method on the object to be cleaned and let the solution work until the rust is loosening or the deposits have softened. Increase the washing effect by brushing. If necessary, repeat the treatment several times. After the treatment, rinse the cleaning object with plenty of water. Meta 100 can also be used in immersion washing (use a plastic basin).
Dosage: 10-100 % dilution depending on the cleaning object.


Metal surfaces are recommended to be neutralized after cleaning with an alkaline product (pH > 11). Avoid hot conditions. Corrosive to aluminium, iron and zinc metals and generally damages other metals as well. May damage the textiles.