Interox AG Bath 35

Hydrogen peroxide-based booster and disinfectant for treating of devices and working surfaces in food industry. Suitable also for whitening of textiles.

Special features

  • The effectiveness is based on the antimicrobial effect of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Disperses effectively dirt
  • Suitable for wide range of use.
  • Fast-acting disinfectant suitable for aseptic use.
  • Residual free

Hydrogen peroxide removes effectively dirt decomposing into oxygen and water without stressing the environment. Product fulfils high hygienic demands whom are operating by batch-technology. Suitability for delicate materials should verify before actual using.
Excellent bleaching agent in textile washing.




Hydrogen peroxide cleaning additive and disinfectant for food industry equipment, surfaces and piping. Bleaching and stain remover from textiles.


Product pH: 2
Solution pH: 3


1130 g/l

Appearance and scent

Clear, pungent smelling liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN Note!
1 x 20 l 60109 6417964601091 Previous product name L 109 Air
1 x 200 l 60110 6417964601107

Cool and dry storage. Shelf life one year in original package protected from sunlight. Do not store with other chemicals or combustible materials.

Instructions for use

Washing of pipe systems and devices:
0.1-2.0 % solution together with alkaline product. Recommended temperature in using 20-70 °C. Optimum pH of alkaline solution is c. 11.

Bleaching of textiles:
2-5 g / kilogrammes of clothes. Add to main wash, Optimum operational temperature 80 °C.

For Disinfection purposes:
Bath technology e.g. in Tetra Pak aseptic packaging machines, where the packaging material, consisting of a paperboard / aluminium / plastic composite, is passed through a bath containing Hydrogen Peroxide (35% w/w) at a typical temperature of 70-85C for a short residence time (seconds). The packaging material then passes over rollers and hot air dryers to remove residual hydrogen peroxide, before being formed into the typical brick-form, filled with beverage or food product and heat sealed. The Hydrogen Peroxide must be regularly renewed in the bath to maintain an effective disinfectant concentration.

Environment and safety

Empty, rinsed containers can be used either as material or energy. Product is easily and biologically decomposing into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen both in ground and water.


Suitability for different surfaces must be checked in advance. Suitable for aluminium surfaces but only limitedly for other light metal surfaces in long-term use. Remember the safe use of biocides. Always read label and safety data sheet carefully before use.

Ingredient Effect
Hydrogen peroxide (35 %) Bleaching and increasing washing effect.