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Kiilto Pro Workwear wash

Special detergent for washing work clothes

Special features

  • Suitable for reflector & Gore-Tex fabrics
  • Fragrance-free & environmentally friendly
  • Safe, effective composition for greasy dirt

Fragrance-free, zeolite-free and environmentally friendly. Includes color protection that keeps textile colors bright. Due to the color protection, it is suitable for coloured textiles that contain white color, as well as for completely white textiles. Product is also suitable for reflector & Gore-Tex fabrics. Low foam. Free of dyes, brighteners, preservatives and bleach. The product has Nordic Ecolabel.




Liquid Laundry Detergent for dirty work clothes according to the washing instructions. Effective washing of clothes with different degrees of soiling at temperatures from 20 to 95 ° C.


Product pH: 9.5

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
6 x 1 l 63271 6417964632712

Store closed above + 10 °C degree

Instructions for use

Dispense into the washing compartment. Take the quality of laundry and water hardness into consideration when dispensing.

 Water hardness/°dHSlightly soiledMedium soiledVery soiled
  ml / kgml / kg ml / kg
 < 6 4
 6 - 13 610 
 > 13 810 12 


Environment and safety

Empty, rinsed containers are recyclable. See more at www.kiilto.com/recycling

Ingredient Effect
Anionic surfactants (<5%) Particular soil removal
Polycarboxylate (<5%) Prevents redeposition of soil on the fabric
Phosphonates (<5%) Binds agents related to water hardness
Soap (<5%) Soil removal and defoaming
Non-ionic surfactants (15-30%) Greasy soil removal
Citrate (<5%) Binds agents related to water hardness
4093 0017