Kiiltomelt 1290
Hot melt adhesive

Kiiltomelt 1290 is an EVAC-hot melt adhesive for bonding in the veneering industry.

Special features

  • Elastic
  • High viscosity
  • Suitable for top-side veneer composers
  • Good initial tack 
  • Available also in blue colour
  • Complies with M1-emission classification for building materials




Kiiltomelt 1290 is used for gluing of birch and conifer veneer. It is a fast binding hot melt adhesive with good hot tack.

Package Size Product Code
Kiiltomelt 1290 10 kg T7303.010
Kiiltomelt 1290 sininen 10 kg T7320.010

yellowish, blue

Softening point

113 °C (DIN 52011)


23,000 mPas, 160 °C 10 s¯¹

Open time


Application temperature

150...180 °C

Package sizes

10 kg


In unopened containers, at max. +40 °C, for 36 months.

Instructions for use

Suitable for nozzle application (veneering machine)

Additional information

The information given in this product data sheet is based on our tests and our practical knowledge. The technical data is defined in standard conditions. Variations in local working conditions will affect the product performance and result. The result is also strongly affected by working methods. We guarantee the high quality of our products according to our Quality Management System. No liability can be accepted from incorrect use of the product or prevailing conditions, over which we have no control. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The user of the product must test product’s suitability to the intended application.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

M1 emission classification for building material
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