Kiilto Pro SMP CS

Kiilto Pro SMP CS is a one-component silyl-modified adhesive for gluing the seams of artificial grass carpets.

Special features

  • Good spreadability
  • Good gluing performance even in wet conditions
  • Does not contain isocyanate




SMP-based moisture-curing adhesive for gluing the seams of artificial grass filled with sand. For both manual and automatic application. Easy application, good ridge forming. Work on the pitch can be continued soon after gluing. The adhesive has good bonding and gluing properties also in cold conditions. Can be used for gluing of reinforcing tapes also on flexible substrates. Preferred working conditions between +15 °C to +20 °C . Lowest working temperature +1 °C.

Package Size Product Code
Kiilto Pro SMP CS 24 kg/20 l T3469.020

Silyl-modified polymer



Open time

Applied on the substrate max. 15 minutes. The moisture of the surfaces to be bonded may shorten the open time.

Curing through

Approx. 12 h / 20 °C

Pressing time

Bonding time approx. 2 h / 20 °C

Working conditions

Recommended working conditions at +15 °C to +20 °C (lowest temperature +1 °C)

Package sizes

24 kg/20 l


Board substrate 700–800 g/m², concrete substrate 1–1.2 kg/m², seams only 500 g/m².


Unopened at +10 °C to 25 °C for 12 months After long storing, stir before use.

Instructions for use

Before starting work, test the adhesion to the materials to be used. The surfaces to be bonded must be clean. Clean the surfaces to be bonded from dust, grease and other dirt, by suitable means, e.g. by wiping with a solvent. Apply adhesive with e.g. a notched trowel one-sided on the seam tape only. When pressing the grass material and the joining tape together, ensure that the glue spreads evenly. With profiled coverings remember to use a trowel with a sufficiently coarse trowel notch.
The covering should be rolled again as soon as possible. We recommend using a tile roller. If rolling is not possible, weights must be applied during gluing to ensure that a uniform layer of adhesive is formed on the adhesive joint. When gluing in damp conditions, open glue containers should be protected from rain.

Additional information

The information in this data sheet is based on our own research and practical knowledge. The technical values have been determined in standardised conditions. If the local conditions differ from these, they and the working methods will affect the values and the product’s functionality. The way the work is carried out also has a significant impact on the end result. Kiilto bears responsibility for ensuring that the product quality meets our quality system standards. However, the local conditions and working methods are beyond our control, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The user must ensure suitability for the intended purpose.

Environment and safety

Wear protective gloves to avoid unnecessary skin contact with the product while applying it. Read the product safety data sheet. Please see our website for information on product and packaging disposal.

M1 emission classification for building material