Kiilto Pro Nitro Plus 1,5 lpm pump
Dosing Device

Heavy-duty ware and dishwashing applications require a reliable dosing solution. Kiilto Pro Nitro Plus 1,5 lpm Pump is a reliable system ideally suited to detergent, rinse aid and sanitizer dosing to large volume door and conveyor dishwashers. It will meet the needs of general kitchen and food processing needs such as pot and pan washers.
The Kiilto Pro Nitro Plus comes with a stainless steel mounting plate and prewired with power, trigger and probe cables for easy installation. This saves time, money and effort during the installation process. It can be built in a number of configurations to suit specific needs.
Utilizing industry-leading quick-change pumps and splash resistant material, Kiilto Pro Nitro Plus ensures ease of service, preventative maintenance, and durability. Squeeze tubes can be changed swiftly, with no tools required. When used in combination with a DEMA inductive probe, reliability and accuracy stays constant regardless of issues due to hard water or corrosive chemicals.
The dosing device requires water and electricity connection. Smart voltage hookup for main power automatically adjusts for the main power hookup.

Special features

Special features
• Modular design: easy conversion from a 2 to 3 product system
• Designed to work with low level and out of product alarm sensors
• Excellent in hard water situations with inductive probe technology
• Pre-wired for efficient and effective installations
• High flow chemical pumps with “Quick Squeeze Tube Change” design
• Digital Programming with passcode protection
• Installation kit for quick installation
• Smart voltage hookup for main power and wash/rinse trigger signals
• Rack count feature for door and conveyor machines




For heavy-duty dishwashing and ware washing applications with door or conveyor machines.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4063090
Detergent Pump Rate
300 ml/min
Rinse Pump Rate
15 ml/min
Main power
100-265 VAC 50/60 Hz