Kiilto Pro Kerasafe Foil Attach

A two-component, cement-based adhesive for fixing Kiilto Pro Kerasafe foils. The product is suitable for sealing foil overlaps and for fixing Kiilto inlet reinforcements and prefabricated corner reinforcements. The product is ETA tested with Kiilto Pro Kerasafe foils.

Special features

  • Good application properties
  • Economical
  • Fixing of waterproofing membrane and making inlets and overlaps with the same product
  • For tiling: walls after approx. 4 h and floors after approx. 6 h




Kiilto Pro Kerasafe Foil Attach adhesive is a two-component Kerasafe waterproofing foil attachment and overlap adhesive that is applied with a roller or brush.

Package Size EAN Code
6,3 + 4,2 kg 6411513788158
Application temperature

+10–25 °C


Tiling on walls after 4 h, and on floors 6 h after installation of KeraSafe fabric


approx. 700 g/m2 depending on the porosity of the substrate

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.3 kg/l

Frost resistance

Liquid component freezes

Mixing ratio

60 (liquid): 40 (powder)

Mixture colour

Brownish in colour

Open time

10–15 min on a primed surface
on an unprimed surface <10 min

Package sizes

10.5 kg (6.3 kg liquid + 4.2 kg powder)

Pot life

approx. 2 h


In unopened containers, above +1 °C, for 1 year.

Substrate humidity

<90 % RH

Temperature resistance when dry

- 20–70 °C


Styrene acrylate (liquid) and cement (powder)

Instructions for use

Mixing: Pour the liquid into a mixing bowl. Scrape off any liquid on the bottom of the lid of the container and add it to the bowl. Sprinkle the powder into the liquid while mixing. Mix for about 3 minutes, until the mix is even. The mixing ratio of the mass by weight is 60:40 (liquid to powder). The Pot life of the mix is approx. 2 hours, so mix only the amount that can be used within that time. Do not dilute a mixture that has started to harden.

Walls: If needed, sand and/or smooth uneven substrates with a Kiilto wall plaster that is suitable under a waterproofing membrane and tiling. If necessary, prime the dry wall surface with Kiilto Pro Keraprimer thinned 1:1 before installing the Kerasafe foil. Note: priming increases the open time of the adhesive after application. Allow the primer to dry for about 1 hour before installing the Kerasafe foil. Apply the adhesive to a single foil area in angles, corners and on the wall surface. Place the Kerasafe foil in position and see that in corners, the foil stretches 5 cm over to the next wall and 5 cm over the floor. Press the foil tightly onto the substrate and rub into position with a rigid plastic trowel so that all air is pressed out and the foil is fully adhered to the substrate. Glue the overlaps of the foils with Kiilto Pro Kerasafe Foil Attach.

Floors: If necessary, sand and/or smooth uneven substrates with Kiilto floor levelling compound. If necessary, prime the dry floor surface with Kiilto Pro Keraprimer thinned 1:1 before installing the Kerasafe foil. Allow the primer to dry for about 1 hour before installing the Kerasafe foil. Install the self-adhesive Kiilto Pro Kerasafe floor drain gasket over the floor drain. Apply adhesive on the floor, overlap joints and floor drain gasket. Roll out the foil and press into position to get all the air out. Apply the adhesive to the inlets and fix the finished inlet pieces in place. Glue the prefabricated internal and outside corner reinforcement pieces into place with Kiilto Pro Kerasafe Foil Attach. Apply the adhesive also on the inlet pieces and corner pieces. Before tiling, cut a hole (approx. 60 mm smaller than the diameter of the drain) for the floor drain in the foil, and mount the clamp ring.

Additional information

The information in this data sheet is based on our own research and practical knowledge. The technical values have been determined in standardised conditions. If the local conditions differ from these, they and the working methods will affect the values and the product’s functionality. The way the work is carried out also has a significant impact on the end result. Kiilto bears responsibility for ensuring that the product quality meets our quality system standards. However, the local conditions and working methods are beyond our control, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the final result. To ensure proper product usage, the working instructions and procedure guide (if applicable) should be consulted.

Environment and safety

Wear protective gloves to avoid unnecessary skin contact with the product while applying it. Read the product safety data sheet. Please see our website for information on product and packaging disposal.