Kiilto Pro Fusion One machine fill
Dosing Device

The precise and safe dispensing of cleaning agents with a dosing system ensures economical use of the cleaning agents: accurate dosing, the desired cleaning result, and improved work safety reduce cleaning costs.
The Kiilto Pro Fusion One dosing device is a sleek solution. The dosing device can be connected to nearly any cleaning agent concentrate and with just a push of a button, a ready-to-use solution is dispensed into a bucket or a scrubber dryer.

The device can be locked in the open position by turning the knob to the right for easier filling. The dosing device is not only precise but also a fast way to dispense cleaning agents. The Kiilto Pro Fusion dosing device can fill a bucket or machines’ tanks at a rate of 16 litres per minute, which means that a typical tank of a walk-behind scrubber dryer (with a volume of 6 litres) can be filled in under 25 seconds.

The dosing device comes with 26 interchangeable nozzles for adjusting the dosage. The bottle filling dosage range is approximately 1-100 ml/l. The mixing ratio of the cleaning agent remains constant regardless of the water pressure.

Kiilto Pro Fusion One uses pilot activated water valve which simplifies the dispenser’s operation. With fewer components than competitive models, service and maintenance is far less frequent making it the reliable water valve of choice.

Ease of installation becomes evident with the Kiilto Pro Fusion One and its smart features to reduce installation time. The dosing device requires a water connection, but no electricity is needed as the dosing is based solely on the water pressure.

Kiilto Pro Fusion One dispensing system can be constructed with the dosing devices and wall-mounted cabinets for storing the cleaning agents. The cabinets, that are available for both 2 litre or 5 litre bottles, and devices can be installed in the necessary quantity, and the system can be customized to suit specific needs. While not essential to the system, these enclosures can be locked, further enhancing work safety.

Special features

Special features
• Accurate, controlled dosing every time
• Easy and safe to use
• Improves cost-effectiveness of cleaning
• A compact system




Safe and effective dosing of cleaning solutions.

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