Kiilto Pro Desichlor Unscented
Disinfecting Cleaner

Special features

  • Chloramine-T-based
  • Slightly alkaline
  • Unscented
  • Does not damage surface materials
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Study of disinfection power and residues
  • EN 13697 bacteria, fungi

Chloramine-T-based disinfectant cleaner. Does not damage surface materials. Study of disinfection power: Department of Public Health 12 December 1990 and 27 January 1994. Residue study: Food Laboratory 8 June 1992 and City of Lahti Supervision and examination laboratory 22 September 1994.




For disinfectant cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces, including polished surfaces. For removing unpleasant odours. Also suitable for cleaning of secretion stains.


Product pH: 9
Solution pH: 8

Appearance and scent

Colourless, unscented liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN Remark
3 x 5 l 41122 6417964411225 Product replaces product code 410103 Kiilto Desichlor 5 l
6 x 1 l 41121 6417964411218 Product replaces product code 410101 Kiilto Desichlor 1 l

Warm storage.

Instructions for use

Make a solution in cold water. Rinse and dry the surfaces, if necessary.

Dosage for disinfectant cleaning:
200 ppm = 10 ml/990 ml water
500 ppm = 25 ml/975 ml water
1,000 ppm = 50 ml/950 ml water
5,000 ppm = 250 ml/750 ml water
Disinfection of tools 1,000 ppm, let it work for 30 minutes.

Surfaces in contact with foodstuffs must always be rinsed.

Disinfectant cleaning of washing machine: 100 ml/10 l water (max. +50°C).

The shelf life of the clean diluted solution is 2 weeks in a closed container.

Environment and safety

Protective gloves must be used. In case of eye contact, rinse with copious water, and then contact a doctor.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Do not use with acidic cleaners.

Ingredient Effect
Anionic and non-ionic surfactants (<5 %) Lowers the surface tension and removes dirt.
Disinfectant Kills microbes and prevents their growth.
Other composition

Anionic surfactants <5%, non-ionic surfactants <5%, disinfectants, perfume