Kiilto Pro Block solid detergent dispenser

Kiilto Block system is a complete solution for efficient, safe and economical dishwasher in professional kitchens. Whiteline Block is a dispenser for precise dosing of detergent in solid concentrated form. Dosing takes place in a closed system, which reduces the risk of unwanted contact with chemicals. A sensor at the bottom of the wash tank continuously measures the soap content in the water and ensures automatic dosing as needed (conductivity). The dispenser is equipped with an LED panel that indicates the status of the dispenser.
It lights up and beeps when the detergent container is empty and needs to be replaced. The dispenser must be mounted on the wall near the dishwasher at a suitable height, so hoses have a soft slope down towards the wash tank. The system requires a fixed water connection with a dynamic water pressure of 2-6 bar and if possible water temperature of at least 50 degrees. It can be mounted on all types of hood and tunnel machines. The dispenser cannot be used for underboard machines. A separate rinse aid dispenser / pump must be used. Dispenser can only be used with Kiilto Pro Block products.

Special features

24Vac (always use transformer)
Water connection 6mm hose (use warm water if possible)
Installation to wall
Conductivity based dosing
Makes sure that diluted detergent has an free way to machine (all the time downwards)




Recommended for hood-, tunnel- and potwashers machines

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 1 pcs 4062380 6417964062380
Circuitboard (old version)
Solenoid valve for water inlet
Front panel with led’s
Bottle switch
Transformer 240V/24V
Conductivity probe