Surface primer used in conjunction with Kestopur adhesives.




Kiilto Primer improves adhesion of Kestopur-polyurethane adhesives onto metal, and especially improves weather-resistance of aluminium bondings. Clean the metal surfaces with Kiilto Cleaner 303 before priming. Kiilto Primer does not contain aromatic solvents. Prior to gluing Kiilto Primer is used for activating metal surfaces, such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Package Size Product Code
Kiilto Primer 10 l T2385.010
Kiilto Primer 750 ml T2385.936

colourless liquid

Density/specific weight

0.79 kg/l


approx. 50 m 2 /l


In unopened containers at +10–25 °C for 12 months.

Instructions for use

Remove grease and other dirt from the surface with Kiilto Cleaner 303. If necessary, sand the surfaces after cleaning, remove the dust and then clean the surface with Kiilto Cleaner 303 once more. Wipe surfaces with a clean, lint-free cloth wetted with primer. Allow to dry for 10-30 minutes before applying the adhesive. It is recommended to apply the adhesive soon after priming. If there are several days between the priming and the adhesive application, if dust or other dirt has accumulated on the surface, the surface pre-treatment must be repeated.

Additional information

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