Kiilto KeraSeal
Sealing adhesive

Water-proof and moisture curing one-component adhesive for the sealing of joints and floor drains. Belongs to the KeraSafe system.




One-component adhesive and sealant for bonding lap seams and floor drains of KeraSafe waterproofing materials.

Package Size EAN Code
750 ml 6411512300757

approx. 30 linear metre / 0.75 l, 1 l / 4 m²

Density/specific weight

Approx. 1 kg/l

Frost resistance

Not freezing

Package sizes

0.75 l plastic container


Unopened at +10–25 °C for 6 months. Opened package must be stored upside down.


Silyl-modified polymer

Working conditions

Room, adhesive, material temperature +10 - 25 °C.

Working time

approx. 45–60 min.

Instructions for use

The substrate must be dry, solid, even and free from dust and grease. Apply a suitable amount of KeraSeal on KeraSafe with a foam roller, trowel or brush, so that both surfaces are wetted properly. Press the surfaces together and press all the air out. Especially in dry conditions or when applying adhesive on larger surfaces, e.g., KeraSafe floor drain sheet, spray water on one of the surfaces to be glued to accelerate curing. Fresh adhesive stains can be removed with a cloth, dried adhesive only by mechanical means.

Additional information

The information given in this product data sheet is based on our tests and our practical knowledge. The technical data is defined in standard conditions. Variations in local working conditions and methods will affect the product performance and result. We guarantee the high quality of our products according to our Quality Management System. No liability can be accepted from incorrect use of the product or prevailing conditions, over which we have no control. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The correct use of the product presupposes that the user has made him/herself aware of the contents of the working instructions and procedure guide, if provided.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

M1 emission classification for building material
CE marking
Key Flag
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel