Kiilto Hypo Dip
Soaking Detergent

Hypochlorite based liquid for soaking, bleaching and brightening dishes manually.
For disinfecting cleaning of dishwashing machines and floor drains.

Special features

  • For brightening of dishes
  • Disinfects quickly
  • Removes odours e.g. from floor drains
  • Low-foaming
  • Unscented fluid

Low-foaming, unscented fluid with hypochlorite. Disinfects quickly, bleaches effectively. The active chlorine content of the product is 100 000 ppm. Effective against microbes, yeasts and moulds.




For soaking, bleaching and brightening dishes manually. Suitable also for disinfecting cleaning of inner parts of dishwashing machines. For disinfecting cleaning of surfaces in professional kitchens, sanitary facilities and other damp rooms. Disinfectant cleaning of floor drains. Does not require intermediate rinsing before washing.


Product pH: 13.5
Solution pH: 12.5

Appearance and scent

Unscented liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
3 x 5 l 63238 6417964632385
6 x 1 l 63237 6417964632378

Do not store close to acidic products. Storage in a tightly closed package in a cool and dry place at a temperature of 5-25 °C. Shelf life one year from manufacturing date.

Instructions for use

Soaking of dishes: 5-15 ml/ 1 l water (under + 40°C), wash in dishwashing machine.

Bleaching of dishes: 15 ml/ 1 l water (under + 40°C), soaking 15-30 min., wash in dishwashing machine.

Disinfecting cleaning of surfaces: 2 ml / 1 water (under + 40°C), active chlorine content 200 ppm. 50 ml / 1 l water (under + 40°C), active chlorine content 5 000 ppm. Rinsing required.

Floor drains: 50-100 ml / 1 l water (under + 40°C),

Disinfecting cleaning of dishwashing machine: Before emptying the machine, add 0,5 % (500 ml/100 l) of Hypo Dip into each washing tank. Let work for 5-10 min, empty the tanks and rinse well.

Environment and safety

Surfactants are biodegradable in wastewater treatment. Empty, rinsed containers can be used as material or energy. The transport packages are recyclable brown corrugated cardboard.


Protective gloves should be used. Do not use for cleaning hot surfaces, do not use hot water or mix the product with acidic agents. Not recommended for soaking silver. By the effect of chlorine some melamine plastics may turn yellow. Use biocides safely. Consider use and safety instructions from material safety data sheet.

Ingredient Effect
Sodium hydroxide (< 5 %) Stabilize the active ingredient. Increases the cleaning effect.
Sodium hypochlorite solution (amount of active chlorine) (10) Effective against microbes, dissolves dirt, bleaches.