Cellular plastic, self-adhesive strip to be used at the screed floor perimeter. Isolates the screed from vertical constructions. Thickness 8 mm, height 100 mm.




Kiilto Erotuskaista edge strip 8 is a polyethylene strip to be used at the screed floor perimeter. Isolates the screed from vertical constructions.
Kiilto Erotuskaista edge strip is used with floating dB-floors and floors with underfloor heating. Kiilto Erotuskaista allows movement due to thermal variations and shrinking in a floating screed floor. Erotuskaista 8 prevents impact sound from being transmitted to surrounding constructions.
Remove any irregularities from the substrate. The substrate must be dry.

Instructions for use

Kiilto Erotuskaista strip is installed in the junction of vertical constructions and the floor.
At the back of the strip there is a self-adherent tape that holds the strip securely in its place in the vertical construction. At the front there is a folded lap that seals the junction when unfolded. Unfolded lap can be taped to the substrate, if needed.
Pipes and other penetrations must be isolated from the screed with cellular foam pipe insulation pieces.


Roll size8 x 100 mm x 50 linear metre
Package  Bag with 500 linear metre 
Roll weight  approx. 1.3 kg, bag approx. 13 kg 
Material 100% polyethylene foam, lap polyethylene film  
Weight n. 26 g/linear metre 
Colour  Sininen 




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