Kiilto EPS Light DF
Light concrete

A very light (440 kg/m³) and dust reduced cement/EPS based casting compound. Can be used on wooden substrates as well as concrete and other solid substrates. Economical, 45 l ready mass/bag. Almost unlimited filling capacity. Thermal conductivity approx. 0.13 W / mK.

Special features

  • very light, almost unlimited filling capacity, dust reduced
  • prefillings
  • coverage: 45 l ready mass/bag
  • coatable: 20-30 h
  • interior areas




Dust reduced, light levelling screed with cement and EPS-granulates for casting subfloors. Suitable for filling spaces between wooden trusses, other filling purposes as well as for raising floor structures. To ensure the required strength, cast screed layer is smoothed with appropriate Kiilto Oy's fibre-reinforced smoothing compound (15 mm smoothing compound layer at the minimum). Suitable for both dry and wet interior areas. Thermal conductivity approx. 0.13 W/mK

1. Bonded floor / firm concrete subfloor or construction board: The substrate must be clean, solid and firm. Remove cement laitance, paint splashes, adhesive residue and other impurities and brush or vacuum the floor thoroughly.
Concrete subfloors are pre-treated with diluted Kiilto Start Primer (10–20% primer/80–90% water) prior to application of the floor screed. With building board subfloors, use Kiilto Start Primer undiluted. Cast screed layer must be at least 15 mm.

2. Floating screed: The cast is separated from the subfloor, for example, with Kiilto Valusuojakangas separation fabric or construction paper. The cast is detached from walls and inlets with separating boards/elastic sealant. Cast screed layer must be at least 30 mm. The screed is always reinforced with steel or glass fibre mesh (see separate structural pictures).
Underfloor heating cables/pipes are always fixed in the steel mesh.

Package Size EAN Code
17 kg / 50 l 6411512030173
Application temperature

10-25 °C

Classifications and certificates



can be smoothed with appropriate Kiilto smoothing compound after 20–30 h in good drying conditions (18–20 °C, 50 % RH )


1 mm layer/m² dry solid matter weighs approx. 0.36 kg (approx. 45 litres of screed/bag).

Density/specific weight

hardened 440 kg/m3

Fire class

B fl-s1

Layer thickness

bonded construction 15 mm, floating construction min. 30 mm

Max. grain size

1–3 mm

Mixing ratio

7.0–8.5 l water/50 l bag
(7,0 l by hand, 8.5 l by pump)

Package sizes

50 l plastic bag/n. 17 kg


In an unopened package max. 1 year in dry conditions.


EPS-granulate cement-based powder


8–10 h (20 °C, 50 % RH)

Working time

Approx. 60 min.

Instructions for use

Strew EPS Light DF in cool (+10–20 °C), clean water. The amount of water depends on the application method (manual/pump) used.
To ensure a uniform mix, always use entire bags.

Apply evenly by using a darby float and/or a wide steel trowel. The screed is then floated to make the surface dense and smooth. Protect the fresh screed surface from drying too quickly. If the surface can't be smoothed within 5 days of casting, cover it with a plastic film.

Additional information

The information given in this product data sheet is based on our tests and our practical knowledge. The technical data is defined in standard conditions. Variations in local working conditions and methods will affect the product performance and result. We guarantee the high quality of our products according to our Quality Management System. No liability can be accepted from incorrect use of the product or prevailing conditions, over which we have no control. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The correct use of the product presupposes that the user has made him/herself aware of the contents of the working instructions and procedure guide, if provided.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

M1 emission classification for building material