4080 0002

Kiilto Pro Bright

Rinse-aid for machine dishwashing. Speeds up the drying of the dishes. Finalise the end result of dishes.

Special features

  • Prevents the formation of foam in the washing compartment
  • Prevents water spots
  • Leaves the dishes shiny

Prevents the formation of foam in the washing compartment of the machine. Speeds up the drying of the dishes. Prevents water spots and leaves the dishes shiny.




Rinse-aid for machine dishwashing.


Product pH: 7
Solution pH: 6.5

Appearance and scent

Clear, green, unscented liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 l 80756 6417964807561
1 x 200 l 80755 6417964807554
3 x 5 l 80760 6417964807608

Storage in original packages at a temperature over +5 °C. Shelf life 5 years from the manufacturing date.

Instructions for use

Dosage through an automatic rinse-aid dozer approx. 0.1 ml/1 l rinsing water.

Rinsing temperature 80-85°C

Wash full loads whenever possible. Avoid using dosages larger or smaller than the recommended amount. Wash at the lowest possible hygienic temperature.

Environment and safety

Surfactants are biodegradable in wastewater treatment. Empty, rinsed containers can be used as material or energy. The transport packages are recyclable brown corrugated cardboard.

Ingredient Effect
Non-ionic surfactants (15-30 %) Lowers the surface tension of the water
Anionic surfactants (<5 %) Stabilizer
4080 0002