IPC CT 51 XP 55
Scrubber dryer

The most modern and previously unseen scrubber dryer is here. CT 51 holds in itself latest technology of the cleaning industry and ensures perfect cleaning result in any location. The machine takes usability into an entirely new level due to easy and simple solutions. Complex background technology has been made highly interactive and easily adaptable.

The functions to easier usability include i.e. ECO mode, in which the user can set the machine into an energy saving mode whenever necessary. ANC™ system (Advanced Noise Control) makes low noise level possible and the brush unit adapts to uneven floors perfectly. Integrated memory card saves all the relevant data, such as battery charge cycles, energy consumption of the brush motor and hour counter. Locations that require daily cleaning are marked with yellow touch points for easy recognition.

Telemetrics are available for the CT 51 as an optional accessory. Telemetrics allows tracking of the location and use history of the machine from a distance so that the administrator does not need to be physically present when the information is acquired.



Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs ILPTB03035
Working width/Pad size
55 cm/21"
Measurements (l/w/h)
128/56/103 cm
Suction width
81,6 cm
Net weight, incl. batteries
228,5 kg
Freshwater tank
50 l
53 l
Suction motor
380 W
Operational efficiency
3150 m²/h
Operating time
250 min
Noise level
54 dB
Brush rotation speed
150 rpm
Brush pressure
18,4 kg
Integrated charger
Charging time
7 h
Operating time/full tank
60 min
Battery 12 V / 2 x 105 Ah
Squeegee blades
IMPVR08039 (front), IMPVR08035 (rear)
Pad holder
Splash guard
Suction equipment
Tool holder