Scrubber dryer

Small in size, handy and compact, the CT15 walk behind scrubber dryer is ideal for cleaning domestic floors, hard floors and carpets.

Special features

  • Large tank capacity - 15 l
  • Great maneuverability - 90 cm
  • Great productivity - 1300 m²/h
  • Handle setting 50 to 1200 cm
  • Three stage vacuum motors

Small and compact scrubber with a large tank guarantees a high productivity and yet a great maneuverability. Also available with li-ion batteries that grant 90 minutes of running time and fast recharge (2 hours instead of 7 / 8 hours provided for traditional models). Moreover antibacterial plastic, resistant to the spread of bacteria, has been applied to the handle and recovery tank.

IPC CT 15 B 35 is a very mobile, efficient and small scrubber dryer. The machine is perfectly suitable for every small and furnished locations to speed up the cleaning job, hard floor and carpet applications. Great brush pressure together with powerful suction ensures excellent cleaning result.

The turning radius of the machine is small, and the squeegee follows the machine perfectly while turning. Adjustable and ergonomic controls makes it possible to use the machine under table surfaces and takes less space while in storage. Locations that require daily cleaning are marked with yellow touch points for easy recognition.




The small dimensions of the scrubber allow to work in confined areas and spaces such as sanitary facilities, and in furnishing environments such as offices and schools.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs ILPTB01847
Working width/Pad size
35 cm/14"
Measurements (l/w/h)
79/37/67 cm
Suction width
45 cm
Net weight, incl. batteries
59 kg
Freshwater tank
16 l
Dirty water tank
19 l
Operational efficiency
1300 m²/h
Operating time
90 min
Noise level
68 dB
Brush rotation speed
140 rpm
Brush pressure
25 kg
Integrated charger
Charging time
7 h
Operating time/full tank
40 min
Environment and safety

Eco Select allows to decrease energy consumption and increase running time of up to 20% in every day cleaning operations. Noise levels are lower than 2 dB allowing cleaning operations even in areas where silence is required. Programmed maintenance time gaps are longer with consequent cost reduction.

Battery 12 V/25 Ah
Squeegee blades
IMPVR05917 (front), IMPVR05918 (rear)
Pad holder
Suction equipment
Splash guard
Squeegee blade set, oil-resistant