Phosphatising agent

An iron phosphating agent for spray processes and grease removal from aluminium and zinc surfaces.

Special features

  • For the fe-phosphatizing of iron and steel by spray treatment.
  • Degreasing and removal of oxides on aluminium.
  • Degreasing and removal of oxides on galvanized surfaces.

Fosfamix forms an even layer of phosphate up to 1.4 g/m2 thick on ferrous metals, improving paint adhesion and acting as an anti-corrosion layer. To achieve best results, target must be prewashed precisely, process conditions must follow instructions and rinse must be done immediately after use.




For iron phosphating of steel prior to painting in spray processes. Also suitable for the grease removal washing of aluminium and zinc-coated materials.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 l 423465 6417964481273
Instructions for use

Dosage: 1 - 2 %
Treatment time: 1-3 minutes
Operation temperature: 40 -70 °C
Use solution pH: 3,5 - 5,5


The Fosfamix bath has a very strong oil-separation capacity. We recommend to use an oil-separator on a regular basis.