Foaming unit, Foamjet
Foaming device

Flotation unit for the Foamjet control unit for flotation and disinfection at the boundaries of hygienic areas, confined spaces and other places where the method can ensure high hygiene standards.

Special features

  • Foaming unit for Foamjet control unit for foaming and desinfectant purposes

The Foamjet doorway foaming system is available for single or for 1 to 4 foaming control units.

4062352 - Foamjet control unit is for a single foaming units.
4062342 - Foamjet control unit is for 1-4 foaming units.



Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4062347
Control unit:
448mm x 282mm x 141mm
Foaming unit:
255mm x 330mm x 185mm
Cabel between control unit and foaming unit:
Max 30m
Ingress Protection:
Internal voltage:
24 V
Operating voltage:
230 V 50 Hz
Sealing materials:
Manual use:
Button on foaming unit
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