F 204 Jama 4Kg
Strongly Acidic Detergent for Milking Equipment

Strongly acidic detergent for machine washing of milk equipments. Removes efficiently deposits and precipitates; calcium, milk stone, rust.

Special features

  • Strongly acidic
  • Low foaming
  • Suitable for porcelain, tile and acid tolerant surfaces.

Strongly acidic
Low foaming
Suitable for porcelain, tile and acid resistant surfaces.




For machine washing of milk equipments milking machines, pipes and milk tanks.


Solution pH: 1.5

Appearance and scent

White powder

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 4 kg 80289 6417964802894

Store at a temperature over 5 °C separately from chemicals react with acids.

Instructions for use

Milk pipelines:
F 204 Jama solution is circulated in the pipeline for 30 min. Rinse according to the machine’s instructions.

Cleansing other acid tolerant surfaces:
The F 204 Jama solution is spread so that surfaces remain damp for 30 min. Scrub with a soft brush to intensify deposit removal.

Rust removal from acid tolerant surfaces:
First make sure that the surface tolerates acidic detergent. The F 204 Jama powder is spread as such on the dampened surface. Allow to take effect for 15 min. The removal of rust stains can be intensified by using a brush, nylon disk, etc.

Neutralising wash is done by using an alkaline detergent. Rinse carefully.

Recommended dosage 0,2 – 0,4 dl /10 l of water. In rust removing special cases as such on dampened surfaces.

Environment and safety

Surfactants in the product are biodegradable. Clean, empty packaging materials can be recycled environmental safety or used in energy production.

Ingredient Effect
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes dirt and lowers surface tension
Sulfamic acid (> 30 %) Soaks deposits and precipitates
Sodium Bisulfate (> 30 %) Enhances washing power and acts as corrosion protection.