Erisan Pro Erisept CHG
Antiseptic Foam Wash

For disinfecting wash of skin and hair. Use as instructed by your doctor or medical personnell. Contains chlorhexidine digluconate (4%).

Special features

Erisept CHG reduces the amount of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria on the skin and is used during a limited time period.
The foam is easy to use and stays on the skin for a moment, so the treated skin areas are easy to notice. The foam is washed off from the skin easily (a rinse off - product). Combing the hair after washing is also easy.
Erisept CHG is rich in skin moisturizers and ingredients that prevent skin irritation. The procuct is dermatologically tested (patch test), and does not cause general irritation.




Use as a part of MRSA decolonisation or treatment, disinfecting wash of intensive care patients or before surgeries and other operations, where a long-term or permanent foreign object is placed under the skin (e.g. cannula, a pacemaker or prothesis).


Product pH: 6

Appearance and scent

Clear liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
12 x 200 ml 8201 6417964082012

Storage above +5 °C. Shelf life 4 years from manufacturing.

Packaging materials

Material of pump and protective cap is multi-material plastic. Bottle is manufactured from PP-plastic.

Instructions for use

Apply on moistened skin, all skin areas should be treated. Wash the hair as well. Avoid contact with eyes and inside of ears. If an eardrum is broken, ears have to be protected. After careful wash, rinse your hair and body and dry with a clean towel.

If necessary, spray the foam or dispense a dose onto a damp wash glove and perform a disinfectant in-bed washing. After washing, rinsing can be replaced with wiping with a moistened wash glove. If specially instructed, only the operation area can be processed.

The product is used for body disinfection wash, 1-2 times a day in 2-5 days. Let the product work on the skin during washing for at least 1 minute before rinsing.

Follow the instructions given by health care staff.

Environment and safety

Safety instructions of the product safety data sheet.


If you have previously experienced hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the ingredients in the product, in particular the active substance (chlorhexidine digluconate), the product is not recommended for use.
When using the product for the first time or you suspect hypersensitivity, test suitability on a small area of skin. Apply the foam on 3x3 cm area below the elbow. If skin irritation (redness, unpleasant sensation, or skin rash) occurs soon after application, do not use the product.

Simultaneous use of soap, washing liquids or shampoo should be avoided, as these products contain anionic surfactants that reduce the microbiocidal effect of the product. The microbicidal active ingredient chlorhexidine is ototoxic and neurotoxic.
Chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite (as well as other chlorine compounds) together result in discoloration of textile materials.

It is adviseable for health care personnel to use protective gloves (e.g. Nitrile rubber or PVC, according to standard EN 374), where skin contact is often repeated.

Ingredient Effect
Aqua Water, the diluent
Chlorhexidinedigluconate (4 %) Surface-active microbicide
Decyl Glucoside A gentle detergent and foaming tenside
PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate Skin protection and conditioning
Glycerin Skin moisturizing agent
Citric Acid pH adjusting agent