Erisan Pro Dermades Coloured
Skin antiseptic

Ethanol based skin disinfectant with identification color before surgery.

Special features

  • Effective antiseptic alcohol solution
  • The surgical drapes are easy to attach and remove
  • Immediate and long-term efficacy is tested by EN 12791 surgical test
  • Orange coloured

Dermades is an effective antiseptic alcohol solution whose immediate and long-term efficacy has been tested by the CEN surgical test EN 12791. The ingredients in Dermades skin disinfectant are internationally tested, effective and safe raw materials.




Skin disinfection before surgical operations in surgical rooms, operating rooms, intensive care units and clinics. For professional use.


Product pH: 6

Appearance and scent

Coloured liquid, ethanol scent

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
10 x 460 ml 8049 6417964080490

Room temperature. Shelf time 3 yrs from manufacture.

Instructions for use

Surgery: Observe aseptic technique. The area of skin to be disinfected before surgery is carefully and systematically wiped with a skin disinfectant. The area to be disinfected is treated 2 to 3 times. Note the flow direction. Coverage of the surgical area is performed after the alcohol has evaporated from the skin.

If needed, the color can be lightened by mixing a colored and a colorless disinfectant.

Environment and safety

Get acquainted with safety instructions of the product safety data sheet.

Product is biodegradable. Package is made of PE-HD plastic, which is environmentally friendly, fully recyclable material, may be disposed of by burning.


With spinal anesthesia procedures use of colourless skin antiseptic is recommended.

Ingredient Effect
Ethyl Alcohol 77 w-% of ethanol
Tertiary butanol denaturation agent
Aqua water
Cetrimonium Chloride helps the attaching and removing the stripes
Isopropyl myristate helps the attaching and removing the stripes
CI 19140 yellow, colourant
CI 16185 red, colourant