Booster B120-27
Dosing Device

A booster’s main function is to provide pressurized water for our satellites. Booster program makes it possible to choose exactly the solution needed to solve the individual cleaning task. The booster size is depending on the total water consumption for the number of satellites you want to use simultanously.

All boosters are equipped with the best energy-optimized motor-technology available from Grundfos (IE5). This also includes a built-in display which enables the user to read out multiple date. This makes it very easy for the operator or maintenance personel to locate any faults in the system (e.g. lack of water pressure).

Special features

Simultanoues users 4
Pump pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure 27 Bar
Maximum water consumption 120 l/min
Minimum/maximum inlet pressure 2/10 bar
Maximum temperature 70 °C
Maximum power consumption 6,0 KW




For low-pressure cleaning of processing equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces that come into contact with food or beverage products being produced.

This cleaning method is particularly useful in food and beverage processing facilities, where hygiene and sanitation are critical for ensuring product safety and quality.

Intended for professional use.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4062388
Maximum water consumption
120 l/min
Pump pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure
27 Bar
Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max temperature
70 °C
Maximum power consumption
6,0 KW
Simultaneous users
Dimensions (W x H x D)
423 x 1038 x 400 mm
71 kg
Pipe dimension inlet
1 1/4"
Pipe dimension outlet
1 1/4"
Environment and safety

Every aspect of the device has been designed to reduce the overall environmental impacts. High efficiency equals less pressure loss and more cleaning power. This in return allows faster cleaning and less water usage. Additionally, the long lifetime of the device reduces the overall environmental footprint.