We are looking for an ICT Development Manager based in Lempäälä or Helsinki

Kiilto has been shaping the future since 1919, and this is your chance to be part of it: we are looking for an ICT Development Manager with experience of enterprise resource planning systems and digital transformation projects. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing and increasingly international group. The position will be in our group ICT organisation, where you will be part of an experienced team managing ICT development projects. You will lead ICT projects for each of our business functions in Kiilto Family Group, and play an important part in developing the group to achieve its goals. You will report to the Chief Information Officer and collaborate with our business units and the rest of the ICT team. 

You will be a perfect fit for the Kiilto community if you have most of the following strengths:   

  • Experience in ICT system transformation projects – You have led system transformation projects and understand the connection between systems and business processes.    
  • Skills in enterprise resource planning systems – You have hands-on experience in the use of ERP systems in manufacturing industry.   
  • A solution-oriented approach – every problem is a great chance to learn. In this role, people will trust your expertise and you will have a great impact on Kiilto’s use of ICT technologies and architecture. 
  • If you’re open, positive and trustworthy, you’ll feel right at home with us!  
  • Education – You have a master’s degree or equivalent.    
  • People skills and collaboration – You have good interpersonal skills and can engage and motivate people. Finding the right solutions and bringing about change requires solid communication skills, and you will put your expertise to work in partnership with Kiilto’s customers.  
  • Languages – the position requires fluent English and preferably also Finnish, as you will be part of both local and global teams.    

A day in the life of an ICT Development Manager 

You grab a cup of coffee to start the day and share the latest news with colleagues, either remotely or face to face. Today you might be attending a daily update to keep track of any urgent issues and see if there’s something you could help with.  

You have a request for a meeting with our business unit in Sweden, who want to discuss an idea for further digitalising their processes with an expert – you. You evaluate their ideas and consider them in light of proposals from other units, Kiilto’s overall plan, budgeting and the available resources. Based on this decision-making, you’ll make an agreement with the team in Sweden on how to proceed.   

After the meeting, you check in remotely with colleagues via Teams. You share your thoughts with them and then head off to a meeting with the supplier of Kiilto’s enterprise resource planning system. Together you go through the system vendor’s task list from our DevOps software development and IT operations system, and decide on the priorities and the tasks for the vendor for the coming month.  

If you are at one of Kiilto’s offices, you have lunch with colleagues from different parts of the company. After lunch you check your emails and other communications channels. Maybe it’s time for another cup of coffee with the team before the next meeting! This will be a discussion with our Lead Architect, Business Analyst, Sales and Marketing Business Partner, to plan a next-generation ERP project in our Nordic companies. Your task is to give a presentation on the project decision-making to Kiilto’s senior management.   

After the meeting, you have time for yourself to go through vendors’ invoices. You check the project budgeting from the reporting system. This morning you heard there was a technical problem with integration between the customer relationship management system and the enterprise resource planning system. You examine the management console of Kiilto’s integration platform to check and consult with our other experts. 

At the end of the day, it’s time to pack for tomorrow’s trip to our factory in Turku to work on the plans for Kiilto’s new smart factory there.  

A workplace that cares   

We are a family-like community with over 1,000 professionals of different backgrounds in 11 countries. Our work atmosphere is easy-going, positive, and we also genuinely care about the well-being of our employees. As proof of this, we have received multiple awards as the most active workplace in Finland. This may be the reason why so many stay with us for years and years.  

In addition, we care about you by providing the following:  

  • Possibility of hybrid work and daily internal meeting-free zones.  
  • A rare combination of stability and great growth: Kiilto has been awarded for its long-term success and growth in Kauppalehti's Success-list. Kiilto’s achievement of being included among both the 10-year Enduring Achiever and Growth companies is extremely rare: well under one percent of Finnish limited liability companies reach both.  
  • Thanks to our low, agile organisational structure, you have a genuine opportunity to innovate and develop operations and create initiatives.  
  • We take well-being seriously! We are the most active workplace in Finland, offering a wide range of opportunities to maintain your well-being through break-up sessions, fitness testing, hobbies, and supported sport events.  
  • Access to target bonus, incentive fund, and initiative bonus.   
  • You have great opportunities to further train yourself within the company. We offer you internal training programmes and education.   
  • On top of these, we offer our employees for example extensive occupational health care, e-pass, care services if your child is ill, occupational physiotherapy services, lunch benefits, and bicycle benefit or shared electricity bikes.

In case you got this far, continue reading for just a bit more  

Do you want to be part of our community in Lempäälä or Helsinki? Don’t hesitate to apply. The last day to apply is 8 May 2022. Please apply here and also attach your salary request and CV.   

For further information about the position, please turn to CIO Henry Keihäs +358405199309. Please call 26 April at 9 – 11 a.m. EET or 6 May at 9 – 11 a.m. EET. 

We operate in compliance with Kiilto's recruitment process and treat all contacts concerning the post with absolute confidentiality. We will send video interview questions to selected applicants. We also ask applicants to reserve 23 or 24 May 2022 for a possible job interview. The selected candidate will need to pass a health check, which includes drug testing.       

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