We are looking for a Head of Sales, Construction, based in Tampere or Helsinki

Kiilto has been shaping the future since 1919, and this is your chance to be part of it. We are looking for an experienced Head of Sales, preferably with expertise in the construction sector. This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing and increasingly international company. The position will be in our Construction business area, where you will lead an experienced team of regional sales managers in Finland and also be involved in international sales activities. You will help make Kiilto the leader in customer experience and environmental innovations. You and your team will be in charge of customer relationships and will be responsible for meeting sales targets. The location of this job is Tampere or Helsinki. You will report to the Business Area Director of the Construction business area.


You will be a perfect fit for the Kiilto community if you have most of the following strengths:  

  • Leadership skills – You have experience in leading highly skilled and autonomous salespeople 
  • Experience in sales management – You have experience in setting ambitious yet realistic sales goals and can help a team fulfil its highest potential.  
  • Sales negotiation skills – You have the skills and sales experience to make deals that both parties are satisfied with. You are highly skilled in negotiation in order to foster long-lasting customer relationships and mutual trust. 
  • Marketing collaboration – You will work with marketing professionals to identify customer successes and bring them to everyone’s attention. You can develop compelling narratives for content creation. 
  • Sales and distribution policy development – Sales in the construction sector entails managing a very long and complex value chain comprising real estate developers, construction contractors, architects, designers, distributors and specialised contractors. You will maintain clear and effective working practices to ensure the cohesiveness of your team while also empowering them to work autonomously. 
  • Market intelligence – You will lead your team in grasping the market and finding the relevant information from customers and competitors for effective pricing structure development and helping product managers maintain a market-leading portfolio of solutions. 
  • Customer relationship management expertise – You have experience in data-based sales management and analysis of sales performance. 
  • Education – You have a master’s degree or equivalent. 
  • Contract management – You have experience in contractual negotiations. 
  • Environmental leadership – Kiilto’s goal is to be the environmental leader in our industry. You are committed to finding increasingly effective ways to help bring about a sustainable future. 
  • Collaboration and relationship building – The family of Kiiltonians is large and continuously growing. To reach our target of being the market leader in the customer experience and environmental innovations, we must work seamlessly with an extensive network of internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Openness to change – You thrive on trying out new things and learning from both successes and mistakes. 
  • Language skills – You are fluent in both Finnish and English. 
  • A can-do attitude – You have an open mind and are willing to give new ideas a fair chance, and are eager to learn from every attempt at innovation regardless of how well it succeeds. 

Imagine a typical day as Head of Construction Sales at Kiilto 

You have arranged an office day after having met customers, professional contractors and distributors earlier in the week. The morning starts with a friendly chat with Kiilto product managers at our practice hall. You discuss the market situation regarding new products and services launched by competitors and some wishes from our key customers. You also try out new competing products and discuss their potential among Kiilto customers. 

You have reserved some time after this for checking sales statistics, net promoter scores and customer activities from customer relationship management. You notice that the campaign you planned with your sales team and local marketing did very well last month, and the next one is coming up very soon.  

Since you are at the factory, you have lunch with the factory manager, who tells you how the campaigns have been managed at the factory level and dispatching level. After lunch, you knock on the door of the head of research, development and innovation for the Construction business area to check whether an important development is still on track.  

You’ll need this information for next week, when you have a meeting with a key customer. As you drive home, you have a joint call with a Kiilto head of sales in another country to work out the best way to convey the message to the customer so that they know they can build a sustainable future with Kiilto. This new solution will change the industry for the better, and it is something we Kiiltonians achieve with our customers.  

A workplace that cares  

We are a family-like community with over 1,000 professionals of different backgrounds in 11 countries. Our work atmosphere is easy-going, positive, and we also genuinely care about the well-being of our employees. As proof of this, we have received multiple awards as the most active workplace in Finland. This may be the reason why so many stay with us for years and years. 

In addition, we care about you by providing the following: 

  • Possibility of hybrid work and daily internal meeting-free zones. 
  • A rare combination of stability and great growth: Kiilto has been awarded for its long-term success and growth in Kauppalehti's Success-list. Kiilto’s achievement of being included among both the 10-year Enduring Achiever and Growth companies is extremely rare: well under one percent of Finnish limited liability companies reach both. 
  • Thanks to our low, agile organisational structure, you have a genuine opportunity to innovate and develop operations and create initiatives. 
  • We take well-being seriously! We are the most active workplace in Finland, offering a wide range of opportunities to maintain your well-being through break-up sessions, fitness testing, hobbies, and supported sport events. 
  • Access to target bonus, incentive fund, and initiative bonus.  
  • You have great opportunities to further train yourself within the company. We offer you internal training programmes and education. 
  • On top of these, we offer our employees for example extensive occupational health care, e-pass, care services if your child is ill, occupational physiotherapy services, lunch benefits, and bicycle benefit or shared electricity bikes. 

In case you got this far, continue reading for just a bit more 

Do you want to be part of our community? Please apply here. The last day to apply is 18 April 2022. Please also attach your salary request and CV.  

For further information about the position, please turn to Construction Business Area Director, Miikka Haapa-aho at +358 40 7510 813. Please call 1 Apr at 11.30 a.m. – 1 p.m. EET or 14 Apr at 9 – 11 a.m. EET. 

We operate in compliance with Kiilto's recruitment process and treat all contacts concerning the post with absolute confidentiality. We will send video interview questions to selected applicants. We also ask applicants to reserve 27 or 28 April 2022 for a possible job interview. The selected candidate will need to pass a health check, which includes drug testing.      

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