Up-to-date material safety data sheets from the hygiene plan

The digital hygiene plan in use at UniCafe's restaurants and WELL cafes helps maintain and update hygiene information regularly. The service also ensures that all company-specific information is found in the same place, so the hygiene plan can be used in the induction of employees, everyday guidance as well as in supplementary training.

The digital service has made it easier to utilise the hygiene plan in everyday work

UniCafe’s 17 student and staff restaurants and two cafes have been using Kiilto’s HygiNet® service since 2016. They are using the service to get an easy access to hygiene information and it makes the everyday work both safer and smoother.

”The most important thing is that all hygiene information is available in one place, up-to-date and easily accessible when needed. For instance, it is important that the most recent material safety data sheet versions can be found”, says Outi Luukkonen, UniCafe’s development coordinator. ”In addition, the service allows us to record reports of surface hygiene samples, which makes it easier to collect and compare results and monitor them in the long-term.

The search function and shortcuts help find hygiene information faster

”The service provides quick access to contact persons’ details, and with shortcuts you can find a kitchen hygiene plan, restaurant-specific product choices or procedure instructions for cleaning dishwashers, for instance, in no time”, Luukkonen says. ”The everyday usability of the tool is also enhanced by the search function on the front page, which is the easiest way to look for the product information of a specific detergent, for example.”

The hygiene plan serves as a databank, training tool and calendar

The digital hygiene plan helps UniCafes to gather information, training their personnel and schedule cleaning.

”For us, HygiNet® is a databank whose material safety data sheets are the alpha and omega for all hygiene planning”, Luukkonen points out. ”We also use the service as a training tool. The instructions for use, which contain pictures and guidance videos, are important for inducting new employees and training our personnel to read material safety data sheets, for example. We also use the digital hygiene plan for preparing cleaning plans, so it is the place where we find accurate information on how often a device, space or surface must be cleaned and with what type of detergent and cleaning equipment.”

The digital hygiene plan saves detergents and nature

UniCafes use the hygiene plan in providing instructions for correct detergent dosages.

”It is important that different detergents are used in correct dosages in the everyday work, because in spite of dosers, additional instructions are often needed in order to prevent unnecessary use”, Luukkonen says. ”With this in mind, it is good that dosage instructions can be checked through HygiNet®. In addition, the service allows us to advise users about sufficient, safe dosage.”

The digital hygiene plan does not use any paper, which is an important environmental viewpoint for UniCafe.

”With this in mind, it is great that HygiNet® can also be used on mobile devices.”


The article has been updated. Originally published in 18.7.2018.

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